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Bechtle Noodles & Spaetzle

Bechtle Spaetzle Swabian In Box 12/9oz #12006 BE65146

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High quality noodles made in Germany. Just the best ingredients. **made with eggs from cage free chickens**Feeling festive and want to stand out from the crowd by your newly acquired German culinary skills and make authentic, traditional, and extremely delicious egg noodles that will have an irresistible taste? Spaetzle box by Bechtle will come in handy. Spaetzle is a traditional German noodles variety that is made from condensed egg, giving this treat a slight buttery sensation. Characterized by its distinct flavor, firm texture, and captivating aromas, this spaetzle box by Bechtle can be used to make your favorite Sauerkraut, spaetzle with vegetables, or cheese spaetzle. Discover an old-world tradition that is aligned in harmony with nature. Bechtle is a prominent and distinguished spaetzle maker that has been producing top-notch products for well over 100 years. Established in 1909, this family-owned company takes a lot of pride in producing high-quality regional food products, that are not only tasty but healthy – a subtle combination to win the hearts of faithful customers. Located in Southern Germany on the Swabian Alb, Bechtle uses only the best natural and raw materials for their sophisticated, marvelous, and stunning products, varying from traditional egg pasta to a huge assortment of tongue-twisting, fresh, organic, and dried spaetzle, that are rich and sustainable.Ingredients: Durum what semolina, eggs. Contains: wheat, eggs. Each Bag Contains 9.0 oz, Each Case Contains 12 Bags. Product of Germany!
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